8:00 PM20:00

First Responders | Jessica in The Rainbow | Shai-Li | Cloudlight | Pariah

First Responders // KZOO
loud & proud punks making you smile and want to punch something at the same time

Jessica in The Rainbow // Grand Haven
dreamy piano lullaby folk, spacey synth mellow pop, dark ambient psych folk, ponies and rainbows, whatever

Shai-Li // KZOO
did your mom ever tell you a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down? Well this can be used as a substitute

Cloudlight // Grand Haven
if you could hear water colors

Pariah // KZOO
get your mind blown w/ this alternative r&b/jazz/genre bending 2-piece

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5:00 PM17:00

DIT Freeschool: DIY Merch

Learn how to create merch for your music/art project. BC nothing says P U N K more than a jacket full of hand crafted buttons.

HIGHLIGHTS: screen printing and button making

Supplies will be provided for you to make your own button but feel free to bring your own supplies (paper, photos, markers, glitter, etc). THIS IS DIY !

This is a substance-free event. Don't be a jerk.

DIT Free School is a program put together by members of DIT Kalamazoo. Our mission is to teach, learn, question, and build community through the sharing and love of learning. If you're interested in organizing an event, sharing your skills with others, hosting a discussion, or learning something new, join the DIT FREE SCHOOL group or PM one of its members to get involved.

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4:00 PM16:00

DIT FREE SCHOOL: Accountability Online & IRL

In this discussion, we hope to define the terms "accountability," "call out / call in," "white fragility," "distancing," and "disposability" as they relate to our fight for social justice, discuss effective tactics for calling out & calling in our peers, and discuss how to react when you've been called out or called in.

There will be vegan & gluten free snacks and non-alcoholic beverages!! This is a substance-free event.

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2:00 PM14:00

DIT Free School: Zine Workshop

A workshop to show/teach yall how to make zines (in multiple ways) and some of the history behind these great inventions! This is a FREE event but we are asking that if you have any extra materials lying around (i.e paper, magazines, markers, pens etc) that you could bring, them.

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8:30 PM20:30

Unknown Crowe | The Dead Flames | LVRS | The Krelboynes

Hey, what better way to pre-game the holiday weekend than with some of the happiest sad people you've ever partied with! Let's get all of our emotions on the table, drop em in a shot glass, AND SHOW THIS ST. PADDIES DAY WEEKEND WE KNOW HOW TO ROCK N ROLL! 

Unknown Crowe | Alternative/Grunge/Indie | Jackson, MI

The Krelboynes | Alternative | Kalamazoo

LVRS | Shoe-gaze/Alternative/Indie | Lansing, MI

The Dead Flames | Post-Punk/Alternative | Jackson, MI

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9:00 PM21:00

The Honey Pot (album release!) | Wailsharq | BFF

The Honey Pot has been at it in Kalamazoo for a long time, and their most recent work, Guey, is ready to rock. So let's have a party about it!

Adding his wonder to this joyous occasion, the fantastically gregarious Wailsharq is gonna come down get down.

The gents in BFF are also gonna lend the ROCK YA DIG?

-Never a cover at the Brew House!
-1-topping pizza $8.00 every night!-
-Respect the performers
-Respect the venue
-Be Excellent To Each Other

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8:00 PM20:00

Sunrise Over Kalamazoo: A Tribute to Kalamazoo Soul Legend Dwight Sykes Feat. Dezert Eez | Santino Jones | Krelboynes | Katy Needs A Life | Carribean Health | Saan Solo + More

Dwight Sykes wrote some of the greatest Funk songs that no one has heard. And he did it right here in Kalamazoo. Criminally under appreciated at the time, his music has since developed an international cult following with reissues and previously unreleased material coming out on the People Potential Unlimited label. The few records he pressed in the 80s now sell for hundreds of dollars. Though Dwight may not be a household name (yet), his influence can still be felt. His visionary DIY spirit and maverick lo-fi home recording techniques are now defining features of the current Kalamazoo music community. 
On Friday, February 23rd Dwight will be back in his hometown while a selection of Kalamazoo's finest musicians gather to pay tribute to a true Soul legend. Each artist will be performing their own interpretation of Dwight's songs. The man himself will be there signing autographs, giving away copies of his music and telling his story. This will be a night to remember.
Satellite Records and Green Light Music will both be on site selling records.

Dezert Eez
Santino Jones
Katy Needs A Life
Carribean Health
Saan Solo
Aaron Llewlelyn feat. G. Suite
Soul Groove DJs

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7:00 PM19:00

Fiona Dickinson | Samantha Cooper | Brian Koenigsknecht

Fiona Dickinson
Quivers the strings from a mournful thought and then warms the key with peace that these are just old recollections. 

Samantha Cooper 
Pours a warm libation sweetened with honey and within its reflection appears a tender smile of fulfillment.

Brian Koenigsknecht Music 
Steps into a blustering sea, sinks deep beyond the shallows, and then walks back out to tell us how terrifyingly beautiful it is down there. 


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