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Some Kind of Nightmare | El Escaado | Kiwi Army | New Architects

  • Old Dog Tavern Kalamazoo, MI (map)

A couple bands of road dogs coming through town on July 31st along with some dope local support. 

Come down and show some love on a hump day. 

Some Kind of Nightmare

San Diego's own full time touring punk rock band, Some Kind of Nightmare, has brought amazing energy, raw sound, and a strong stage presence with them everywhere they perform. In 2013 they quit their jobs, threw out everything they owned, hit the road, and never looked back. The three piece group continues to take on the nation with their message of overcoming struggle and modern social issues, while gaining support and momentum along the way.

El Escapado

The incarnation of El Escapado came about simply enough. It all started over a conversation amongst close friends in a bar one night. Each member, withered and over worked from the daily grind of their day jobs, was ready for a long overdue vacation. The answer to their woes was so simple. It had been right underneath their noses all this time. They could take time off, see the world, enjoy fine food and take in the sights for little or nothing at all. They just had to form a band. And from that night, El Escapado began to take shape.

Kiwi Army


New Architects

New Architects are a Kalamazoo based punk rock outfit driven by a buzzsaw rhythm section topped with infectious guitar riffs and raspy melodic vocals. This band aims to provide a departure from mid-tempo melodies and whimsical lyrics by not shying away from opportunities to play fast nor delving into the more pertinent issues of the parlance of our times. The members of New Architects are united by their mistrust with profit driven news media, a mutual loathing of baby boomer authority, and frustration of an uncertain future.