6:30 PM18:30

NO MORE WAR: Maggie May | Chit Holdems | Sista Mista

This is our 2nd annual fundraiser for IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR. Please bring money to donate; it goes to support the actions of activist veterans in telling their stories, engaging in anti-war protests, and supporting social justice causes all over the country.


Why, after sixteen years, do our soldiers continue serving in Afghanistan and Iraq with no end in sight?

Why do our representatives in congress and the senate continue to approve unilateral war making powers to the executive branch?

Why, when our military expenses are over half of our national budget, and our military budget is larger than the next ten countries combined (by a large margin), do our representatives continue to increase it?

Why, in a country that always claims to support their troops, are our veterans far too often left without the resources they need after serving in our nation's wars?

Why are we so quick as citizens to claim support for our veterans, but often let their stories, voices, and conviction fall on deaf ears?

Where is the voice for peace, both in congress and in the streets, to protect veterans, future veterans, and the civilians caught in the crossfire in unnecessary wars?

Join us as we speak to these issues and present some incredible talent from the SW Michigan community, including:

MAGGIE MAY (Folk-Punk)

CHIT HOLDEMS (Anti-Fascist Country)

SISTA MISTA (Sci-Fi Political Hip-Hop)

SHOW STARTS at 6:30PM down at the

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12:00 PM12:00


F.Y.G.N. FEST is an all-ages, day-long art/music/performance festival at Between Two Ferns. This event will empower artists whose identities are typically underrepresented and misaligned in the DIY scene, including but not limited to trans and cis girls/women/humans, queer and trans guys, nonbinary and gender nonconforming folks, agender folks, gender anarchists, the closeted, the questioning, and everyone else under the wild & wonderful umbrella of queerness.

p.s. this is the follow-up to femme fest
p.p.s. it stands for "fuck yr gender norms"

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7:30 PM19:30

Dos Argentés | PT Ori | BFF | TBA

Doors at 7:30; music at 8. (NO PUNK TIME)
Bring $ for merch and donations to the touring act!
Be a nice person.
Respect the house and the artists.
Please stay off the front porch (we have a back porch!) and put your cig butts in our cig bucket or an ashtray!


If you see something say something. Let anyone who lives at the house know if there is a problem.

Dos Argentés (Detroit, MI): Contemplative indie/acoustic with a focus on implicit storytelling.

PT Ori (Kalamazoo, MI): Queer nonbinary bedroom rock; it's real good

BFF (Kalamazoo, MI): Ex-redneck emo transforming into a Steely Dan cover band

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7:00 PM19:00

Steve Deasy - Songs of Justice, Songs of Peace Concert and Sing-Along!

Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War presents
Steve Deasy
Songs of Justice, 
Songs of Peace
Concert and Sing-Along!

“Steve Deasy is a Pittsburgh born, Detroit based performing songwriter,  producer and arranger. Steve is a socially conscious  writer in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger...Add some humorous Steve Goodman-style story songs and you have Steve Deasy: relevant, complex, funny and talented."-

This event is free and open to all who believe in peace and justice. 
Donations welcome.

For more information call 269.548.8919.

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8:00 PM20:00

First Responders | Jessica in The Rainbow | Shai-Li | Cloudlight | Pariah

First Responders // KZOO
loud & proud punks making you smile and want to punch something at the same time

Jessica in The Rainbow // Grand Haven
dreamy piano lullaby folk, spacey synth mellow pop, dark ambient psych folk, ponies and rainbows, whatever

Shai-Li // KZOO
did your mom ever tell you a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down? Well this can be used as a substitute

Cloudlight // Grand Haven
if you could hear water colors

Pariah // KZOO
get your mind blown w/ this alternative r&b/jazz/genre bending 2-piece

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